Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let the cleansing begin 

First off, I'm tickled to see that Larry Craig is left twisting in the wind. Everyone knows the Republican Party doesn't deal with homos. Duh. In all seriousness, though, Craig's ostricizing is encouraging, if not long overdue with respect to people of prominence/fame/beauty in this country.

I came across an article, today, by columnist Jason Whitlock (normally reserved for my sports ramblings, but not today) that exemplifies how we, as a society, pander to and bend over for anyone with a pretty smile and place in the spotlight. With respect to the section where he writes about Miss Teen South Carolina (which you're surely familiar with by now) and the fucking pathetic excuse for television that was her vomit-enducing pity party on the Today Show, he nails it on the head. America doesn't give a fuck that it is stupid. America embraces ignorance. America prides sensitivity over education. MISS TEEN SOUTH CAROLINA SHOULD BE BEATEN TO DEATH WITH A FUCKING SHOVEL. Are you kidding me? We don't hold anyone to any standard because that means they'd have to "try." Ew, effort, that's dumb.

And Whitlock's flaying of the media both on this point and with regard to the Jena Six is spot on, too. The same society that embraces lazy idiots stumbling through public school, has the same standard for its journalists. The whole thing makes me want to puke. That kid who got the beatdown probably deserved it, the racist fool, and given the actions of the Louisiana school board, it's no wonder that that state ranks at the bottom in education along with Mississippi, but my god, leave it to fame-whores like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to come to the defense of a criminal and say that he should be let off the hook because of an unrelated incident.

Two morals here.
1) The South is the asshole of the country.
2) We can't be bothered to hold anyone accountable for anything. Because it might hurt their feelings.

My god... and did you see this efficient German genius? Hey, Hans, how many times does your house need to be plowed into before you admit you're a fucking idiot for building it where you did? After the tens-of-thousands in damages, why not just buy a new house? Hell, with the repairs up through, say, collision number three, you could've bought one. The story says he's "reluctant to leave the house." I'll tell you why: Because he's retarded. And still, he's brighter than Miss Teen South Carolina. But don't tell her she's an idiot. You might make her cry. And that would be bad and you'd be overcome with feelings of shame. You'd also be a giant pussy.

Fuck it. I might just take the rest of the day off.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Larry Craig: The Senator who flunked out of Exodus 

It's all I could laugh about yesterday. Today, it's still pretty damn funny. I think the demise of Senator Larry Craig might be my favorite story of the year.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

From the violent hatred and intolerance department... 

I wish I could say I'm surprised and shocked by this, but I'm not. Because it's fucking Hezobollah, you idiots!


Massachussets health care experiment 

I strongly suggest people check out this expose on the pros and cons of Mass's health care experiment which, while promising to help and harboring only the best of intentions, threatens to crush the little man. Interesting piece. Very keen to see what happens over there as the year goes on. Could go a long way towards Romney's run for president.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Love that keyword search 

I haven't been posting here very often, lately, and I'm pretty much okay with that. But every once in a while, I drop in (like yesterday and today). It's interesting, though, because while I haven't posted for a month, I'm still getting plenty of hits. So why not check out the "keyword activity" for this past week.

**NOTE: This list is not, in anyway, trumped up to look "funny" or "amusing." Just making an observation here. The list as is...***

- I am looking for a stuffed luck dragon from the movie neverending story
- raping bitches
- backsidebabe
- fastest animal on the planet simpsons
- backsidebabe
- actor who played jay peterman
- backsidebabe
- whizzinator rating
- lifetime movie playing tonight
- backsidebabe
- definition of nepatism
- lamar odom std
- bucockee
- backsidebabe
- robo-bronto (perhaps my favorite)
- backsidebabe
- backsidebabe
- da nananana na (scratch that, THIS one's my favorite)
- backsidebabe


I've had nightmares like this 

Only, in my nightmares, the rattlesnake wasn't already decapitated!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Segway fan club has disbanded! 

You mean to tell me that this is not an Onion article???

It's a good day. I saw the world's greatest homeless man on the drive in to work this morning. Well, he wasn't great, so much as his sign was. Awesome homeless dude's sign:

Truly, one of the greatest things I have ever seen.


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