Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh yeah. Football. 

In an effort to get more excited about the upcoming football season, I think I'll try talking about it a little. Or at least touching upon my teams. I mean, at this rate, American football doesn't have a chance at rivaling my interest in the English Premier League. We'll see what happens when games get underway. I'm sure there'll be an uptick. College ball starts this weekend, the NFL in nine days. We'll proceed in that order:

College. Bear Down, sons of bitches! Lots of tantalizing matchups this weekend (FSU v Miami, Notre Dame v Georgia Tech, Cal v Tennessee, etc). Personally, (even though I'll be at a wedding and likely miss it) I'm most looking forward to BYU vs Arizona. Yeah, it's because I'm a Wildcat alum, but also because this is supposedly the year that Mike Stoops gets the program to turn a corner. I want to believe that last year's blowout upset victory over UCLA was a sign of things to come. I doubt the Cats will be as ferocious as that, this season, but a finish in the top half of the Pac 10 (which would make them bowl eligible) is within our grasp. Pac 10 will be tough this year and hopefully Arizona will be partially responsible for that. USC is a national contender, obviously, but you've also got a very strong Cal team, as well as stiff challengers in Oregon and UCLA. Keep an eye on Washington State, too. The Cougars could surprise a lot of people this season. They open at Auburn.

Pros. The Raiders are unbeaten in the preseason. While everyone knows that the preseason counts for absolutely zero, it's been a good omen through the years if a team goes undefeated in exhibition (it usually means that the playoffs are in their immediate future) and with the AFC West looking pretty open this year, at least to me, who knows what could happen? That being said, this is probably still a 6-8 win team. There are still holes galore, as well as inexperience, on defense. Most troubling news yesterday: we signed freaking Jeff George. Excuse me while I slit my wrists. As of right now, today, Aaron Brooks is the best QB on the roster and, yes, he is a definite improvement over Kerry Collins. He's not the man for the job in the long term, but as a stop-gap, Brooks fits. Andrew Walter is the future (I hope) and ideally (only "ideally" if we're 2-12 in a few months) will be playing regularly by season's end. Tui, if anyone, is the guy who just hasn't worked out since we drafted him. The improvement just isn't there. I freaking hate Jeff George and have half a mind to fly up to Oakland and murder Al Davis myself if it'll mean the Raiders don't look like the asshole of the NFL. But if George was signed to give anyone competition, it's Tui. Hopefully, though, this is just a test-run and George doesn't make the final roster. Unfortunately, I've been hearing today that George is being brought in because Walter is battling tendinitis in his shoulder and elbow and they aren't sure how healthy he is going to be going into the season. Well damn it all to hell! Jeff George hasn't thrown a football in five years and he's a locker-room cancer. WTF?! Anyway... looks like a pretty tricky schedule this year. Start the season on Monday night against San Diego (gotta like primetime) and in late October, I believe, we've got back-to-back games against Seattle and Pittsburgh (you know, the two teams who made the Superbowl last year). Talk about scheduling quirks...


Last night, I dreamed of Tyra 

But not that way! No! It was over a labor dispute!

The scene is at a lobby of some ritzy hotel/Friar's club hybrid. I'm socializing with professional colleagues on the fifth floor (I don't know why I remember the fifth) and we're all pretty excited about this strike that the "Top Model" writers are executing against the CW. Soon, news travels to our party that Tyra Banks herself is on her way to personally deliver a cease and desist order (wha?). All us folks on the fifth floor start to get a little antsy in our pantsy, so I humbly volunteer to receive Tyra's delivery in the lobby. I take the stairs down and arrive just as she's pressing the elevator button. "Excuse me, Miss Banks. I can take that message." Tyra is all dolled up. Not like those trashy top models, but elegantly so. And, man, is she conflicted about this labor dispute! With a soft hand to my face, The Forehead laments, "Oh, Alan, I wish it didn't have to be this way. I'm on your side, but I've got too much at stake with the executives. Please understand." Silky smooth as always, I acknowledge her internal conflict and offer words of appreciation. My colleagues on the fifth floor are peeking over the rail to see what's happening below. Still gazing at each other, the moment lingers until the elevator Tyra had summoned finally does arrive. Message in hand (and with no thoughts of adhering to it), I step onto the lift as she dramatically turns to make her exit. Before the elevator doors close, she turns back to catch my eye. Her stare said it all, "You deserve to win this."

I am probably the only asshole in the world who has ever dreamed of The Forehead in such a way. I realized, after waking up, that this dream was sparked by the following press release where Tyra desperately tries to toe the line.

TYRA BANKS ADDRESSES 'TOP MODEL' DISPUTE: Show creator supports writers; CW
tells affiliates show will run as planned.
(August 21, 2006)

*Tyra Banks has issued her first statement in regards to a strike
launched by the writers of her show, "America's Next Top Model."

Writers and producers walked out earlier this month demanding
recognition as members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Show
producers have declined to recognize the petition unless the employees seek
representation through a lengthier process administered by the National
Labor Relations Board.

In a statement released Thursday, the show's creator, executive
producer and host Banks noted that she is a member of unions SAG and AFTRA,
and "respects the desire of any employee of 'America's Next Top Model' who
wants to be unionized, however, this is not a decision I control. This is an
industry wide issue between the networks, studios and unions. I hope this
matter is resolved as quickly as possible and on terms agreeable to all
parties concerned."

Meanwhile, CW chief operating officer John Maatta has sent a letter
to affiliates assuring the show's Sept. 20 premiere will take place on the
network as planned, and that all 13 episodes for the show's run through
December have already been shot and have not been affected by the

Network execs suggest the walkout won't necessitate any production
changes for several months, when work would begin on the next 13 episodes
set to air beginning in March.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Last week of work 

Yup, the gig ends Friday. My enthusiasm for the show is at zero, as we at the office have all contracted a scorching case of senioritis. Mmm... scorching... I am easily distracted.

Kofi demands Hezbollah free Israeli troops. I'd like to take this time to welcome Secretary-General Annan to the party.

No, I did not watch the Emmy's last night. There was actually good TV to be seen. Nice to see, however, wins for The Office and Jeremy Piven.

The US Open began today with a lovely rain delay. He doesn't stand a chance, but if Andre Agassi were to make a Pete Sampras-esque exit to his pro career, it would be quite welcome. Federer still looks untouchable, of course. Should be interesting to see if Andy Roddick shows any improvement in his first major tournament since bringing Jimmy Connors on as his coach.

Everyone in the media, particularly ESPN.com, is so quick to dismiss the radical changes that Jerry Colangelo has made to the US basketball national program. They're fixated on the horror of '02 and the bronze of '04. It's going to take a convincing gold-medal performance to get the critics to pull their heads out of their ass.

Is Chris Bosh happy as the 11th man? Hey, how about the fact that Bosh is in rotation to play in Beijing in 2008?

Uh, well, why didn't LeBron score 20 points against Italy? Well, how about because Carmelo scored 35? And they won!

This team deserves a lot of praise thus far, but it is probably because we are Team USA basketball that the expectation level is so high. Think of it like Brazil and soccer, only Brazilians actually care about their national soccer team and about 98% of the US has no idea that the World Championships are taking place.

On the EPL front, there are two teams early on that have some serious issues: Arsenal, Tottenham. As far as the Arse go, they completely outplayed a lousy Manchester City side, yet still contrived to lose 1-0. How does that happen? The news only gets worse with Ashley Cole's departure for Chelski imminent and, now, word from Antonio Reyes, himself, that he does not want to play another game in England. The little boy striker is desperate to go back to Spain.

For Spurs, oy, an 0-2 loss to 10-man Everton can't be good for business. They need to figure out how to spread the field of play to accomodate the talents of Aaron Lennon, post-haste.

Obviously, great to see Liverpool pick up a victory over West Ham this weekend. What a goal by Agger! Unrelated to that match, know who I am impressed by in the early going, despite their only having one point in three matches? Watford. They are an exciting club to watch. Very free-flowing style.


You call that an ending? 

If you're interested in watching the finale of Deadwood and haven't yet, then maybe you should skip over the following.

Okay, I was pretty severely disappointed by the supposed finale for Deadwood, which really captured in a microcosm this season in general. Why not rename this show, "Cocktease: The Show?" What could change my feeling on this? Well, if the two epilogue movies (roughly equalling four episodes) are greenlit, perhaps I could gain a little more satisfaction. In the show's defense (from what I understand), they didn't realize that season 3 would be their last until shortly before it premiered. So I guess it's possible that the final episode was already locked before that announcement. There is such a thing as pick-ups and reshoots, though. There are but two standout episodes from season 3 and they need only be referred to as "Eyeball" and "Ellsworth." They're great because, well, stuff actually happens regarding characters you're actually interested in. Say what you will about the quality of each individual episode (I think they were very well done), but I'm sorry, I could give less of a shit about Langriche et al, the welfare of the schoolchildren, the livery, the romance between Jane (sick of her) and Joni... remember when Cy was a relevant character? This show has a bread and butter recipe for success and it revolves almost entirely around Swearingon, Bullock, and Hearst. I call bullshit on the anti-climax regarding their tumultuous triangle. 'Will Hearst take the bait that it isn't really Trixie in the casket? Will he fall for the gambit?' How about, 'Are you kidding me? This is the penulitmate event of the series?!' Give me a break. Where was this war that we were seemingly promised for the last, I don't know, eight episodes. Historically speaking (I'll have to do a little research), this may have been as the events actually played out. But if that is the case, then why am I watching it? You always end with a bang, not with a whimper. I enjoyed Deadwood while it was on, but this definitely taints my opinion of it.

Know who had a better finale than Deadwood last night? Yeah, Entourage (granted, it is season and not series finale, but regardless). Who'd a thunk it?

I've been sampling a lot of reality television of late and came across a show last night that is equal parts intensity, sadness, and exploitation (in a very morally ambiguous way). Yet it is totally compelling. It's called Intervention and it airs on A&E. Documentary style, each hour-long episode follows an addict who believes the camera crew is simply their to do a documentary on addiction, unaware that they'll face an intervention. The episode I saw, "Kristen," follows this 24-year-old crack-whore (literally, she prostitutes herself for crack) alcoholic. Kristen's addiction is so bad, she risks losing custody (partial already) of her five-year-old daughter. This show is gripping, depressing, and very, uh, real. Don't watch it if you ever want to feel good about anything, no matter how uplifting the "where are they now" epilogue is (and they usually do get help). Sitting in that intervention room, watching this person breakdown in front of their family is just plain rough. And yet, while you're watching it all unfold, you can't help but feel a little dirty that you're spying on what is perhaps this family's most private moment. Damned if you'll look away, though. And while the show is incredibly invasive, it's motives are still pure. Highly recommend it, but don't plan on smiling or anything like that until maybe the last two minutes of the show.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just thought I'd let you all know 

You know the post below this where I drool about Charlize Theron and what not? Yeah, well today I sat in the same chair she was occupying on Tuesday.

It felt like home.



Aaaaanyway, the draw for the Champions League was set today. Liverpool are top seed in Group C, placed with PSV, Bordeaux, and Galatasaray.

Overall, I think our draw turned out fairly well. Not as soft a group as, say, group H (AC Milan has a cakewalk), but also nice to avoid Chelski (whom we couldn't have been grouped with do to UEFA regulations about having two teams from the same country in one group), Bayern, and Lyon from the "2nd pot." Can't imagine any of the seeded teams failing to advance, except for possibly Arsenal. Their group isn't overwhelming, but it is a challenge and the Gooners have some work to do if they are to survive. Can't help but laugh about Chelski having to face Barcelona yet again.

With regards to Liverpool's group, it should be a scrappy one. I see us advancing with PSV and Galatasaray in a dog fight for second (PSV through on GD). PSV Eindhoven have been ruling Dutch football the last four seasons and have shown their Champions League metal in the past couple seasons, nearly reaching the final in '05. But they could be on the decline. Bordeaux are actually a higher seed than Galatasaray, but the French club are a relatively unknown quantity in terms of European competition. That mystique could help their darkhorse prospects considerably, but more likely that their inexperience on this stage will show. That leaves the Turks who are incredibly difficult at home. Although I'm sure every Liverpool fan remembers fondly the last time Reds made the trip to Istanbul. That only resulted in their fifth European Cup. No big deal.



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rules of Life 

Let's talk about them. Let's talk about one in particular. That I'm making up, right now. If your morning (and by extent, your disposition for the day) is ruined by some shmuck rear-ending you, then you should be entitled to encounter your dream girl in the afternoon. Yes, friends, I probably got as close as I ever will to Charlize. I'm not one to normally point something like that out, but we're talking about Charlize. I'm situated here at work on the second floor. She was convalescing with her entourage in the courtyard below. Suddenly, I had to go outside to the balcony to make a phone call. Shortly after, I was overwhelmed with the urge to trek all the way down the balcony corridor to the bathroom. She, by coincidence, happened to be well in view during both instances. I am an idiot. Anyway, that should be a rule.

Shifting gears, the Toronto Blue Jays have to be the most fascinating team in baseball this season. Anyone catch the Gibbons/Lilly ruckus last night? It was part of a sweet A's comeback. WHAT? YEAH! *Usher does a little dance, has sex with a minor, runs off stage* Evidently, Gibbons is a big of fighting his own players.

Non-sequetor the second: I've got tickets for GNR next month. That's right.

Liverpool escape Haifa, today. Move on to CL proper. Dig it. Don't dig all those injuries, though.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes on a TANK 

I still haven't seen Snakes on a Plane, and by all accounts it is at least as entertaining as the trailer promises it will be, but I think it's pretty funny that the movie dubbed as a cult hit before it was ever released, barely scraped $15million in it's opening weekend. What a bust! There was speculation of $50million. I can't remember a movie with this much hype disappointing so deeply at the B.O. Not since The Real Cancun, at least. At any rate, I'll probably still see it, but I have a sort of renewed faith in "the system," which is to say that just because the internet latches on to a broad and wacky idea that caters to them in every way possible (several pick-ups and line requests from fans were added to the movie after production was over), doesn't mean it's going to be successful. Meaning, just because it looks shiny, doesn't mean that it's gold.

Is it just me or is this the setup for a crappy teen slasher movie? Look at the guy's mugshot! You could tell he was the smelly, whitetrash kid at school who never quite fit in and got off on shooting squirrels in his backyard.

I think the televising of the Little League World Series (not the quality of the coverage, but the very concept) is reprehensible in a way. If 8-year-old beauty pageants are the ugliest thing you can do to your little girl, then putting highlights of a baseball game featuring 12-year-olds on Sportscenter is the equivalent for boys. Although baseball does teach teamwork and sportsmanship. But still! Under no circumstances can Derek Jeter and Dennis the Menace receive equal praise from the same network for playing the same game. Also,THIS KID IS NOT 13! I'm sorry, you're telling me that doofy Aaron Durley is bigger than mammoth David Ortiz and only in middle school?! Bullshit. If he's 13, then I'm God (here's to hoping).

Premiership kicked off this weekend. Disappointing start for Liverpool, only able to muster an unconvincing and controversial draw against Premiership newcomers Sheffield United. Looked a bit like last season when the Reds were prone to play to the level of their competition. Can't happen this season if they're serious about supplanting Chelsea for the title. Speaking of which, the champs looked damn good in their opening 3-0 win over Man City. Three excellent goals. Not to be outdone, Man Utd (boo) looked awesome, blowing out Fulham 5-1. It was 4-0 within the first 20 minutes. Yo! So, obviously, Liverpool have to shape up if they're to keep up with these two throughout the season.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

A real coach! 

This would be quite the coup for the South African national soccer team. I've long said on here that they're a disgrace, due largely to the fact that they've had about 136 coaches in the last 8 years. The embarrassment of the failed '06 WC qualifying campaign only highlighted the program's deficiancies. But now, to ink a coach as reputable as Parreira, it looks like things are about to get back on track in time for 2010. I only pray that the powers that be grant Parreira the time that his predecessors were not afforded. That's the key to righting this rickety ship.


Movies over the last couple weeks 

Saw a couple. Good ones, bad ones.

Little Miss Sunshine
This movie is great. Fantastic cast elevates two-dimensional characters to being real people. As a road movie, the story is sort of slave to convention and threatens to go flying off the tracks after Paul Dano's breakdown (just one trauma after another). But the ending... what an ending. A blindsiding cure-all. If you're to predict between option A and option B of what would happen in the finale (set in the horrifying world of child beauty pageants -- easily the ugliest side of Americana), realizing that neither option would satisfying or believable, the movie unveils option Z and knocks you on your ass. This is a crowd-pleaser. One of the year's best. Definitely see it.

Talladega Nights
I liked it. Very funny. Lots of funny. Couldn't begin to tell you why you should care about the story or who some of the characters are -- Amy Adams? Anybody? Still not clear who she was actually meant to be. Gary Cole and John C. Reilly are hysterical, of course. The character of Ricky Bobby is kind of a shit from start to finish, but I'm still laughing the whole way. This movie would flow better if it just embraced what it really was: a sketch comedy.

Surprise: it's dumb. I haven't seen a film so that is so fiercely anti-technology as this in... well, maybe ever. We don't get to see the inciting incident, there is no climax, and it's a bore to look at. Seriously, the color scheme will put you to sleep. There are a few chills, but nothing you wouldn't expect. Particularly frustrating that the story writes itself into a corner and abruptly ends with a voiceover. I guess the message is that we should go back to the days of carrier pigeons and smoke signals if we want to communicate with each other. Lame.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So successful 

Put me in the Successful Hall of Fame! Do it! Who could look at these photo captions and deny that I, too, should be among the Successful Hall of Famers? My crusade for recognition begins now.


It's the Ghetto Blaster! 

There's no way it could've been him because he looked exactly the same as when he did in 1990, but for anyone out there who remembers former WWF superstar Bad News Brown, I'm fairly sure I saw him this weekend at my gym. Is he a celebrity? Not really and he certainly isn't that memorable, but I'm hard-pressed to think of a "sighting" where afterwards I had to remind myself that the celeb was actually a real person and not a surreal imagining from my childhood.

Switching gears, I just want everyone to know that I get so much joy out of knowing that the Cincinnati Bengals have a "JERK" hotline.

"If 90 percent of the calls we're getting are prank calls," he said, "we need to re-evaluate this."

I love it.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Shield Success 

Glorified preseason match or not, it always feels good to beat Chelsea when there's a trophy on the line.

Only six days 'til the start of the English Premier League season. Bring it on.



Friday, August 11, 2006

Oakland A's time 

This is usually the time of the season that the A's go on a big tear. Things have been shaping up that way again this season and the table is set for that to continue. My boys are winners of 11 out of their last 14, but that 14-0 shelacking they suffered on Wednesday to Texas still smarts. What better way to remedy that than the following: six-game homestand against Tampa Bay and Seattle, followed by a four-game series at Kansas City. If the A's don't win all ten of those, I'll consider it a failure. Maybe 9-1 is acceptable, but nothing less. Currently up 3.5 games in the division over the stupid Angels. These next ten games are when we break it wide open. It has to be. 2nd place in the AL West doesn't have a prayer at getting the wild card.

Go Beane-ball.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Israel/Lebanon. Labor strikes. Things are getting a little heavy on this site. This is me raiding ESPN.com today. A few takes...

Here's a strong article on why no one likes Alex Rodriguez. You mean aside from the fact that no baseball player -- hell, no baseball TEAM -- is worth $250million? Or that he isn't a big-game player? Or that he's a priss?

Gotta admire Floyd Landis for sticking to his guns. Or do you? Man, give it up already. You cheated. Your title was stripped. Let's press on.

Good news if you're a Boston Bruins fan: your team president resigned. This, on top of the changes at GM and head coach, cement that there will be changes at the top of one of the most futile teams in the NHL. If not for the New York Rangers (barring NY's playoff appearance last year) no team in the NHL has been a bigger mover and shaker and bombed as horribly as the Bruins have over the last dozen or so seasons. You got the sense that Boston fans last season were almost revelling in how hapless the team was and what it had devolved into. Think Joe Thornton winning the MVP in San Jose hurt at all? Things are going to start picking up for Bruins fans.

I still feel like Key Arena is pretty new. Hasn't it only been ten years since it opened? I've lost all concept of NBA time -- there's this black spot in the late 90s, I don't know. Anyway, looks like they need to renovate the apparently out of date home of the Sonics if the team is to stay in Seattle.


Blatant cut and paste job -- Support the Top Model scribes 

If you're in LA, do the right thing and go support the troops. They're out there every day. If you're a fan of Top Model, check this out:

August 11, 2006
(1640 S. Sepulveda Blvd.Intersection of Santa Monica and Sepulveda Blvds. in West LA)

Meet your favorite former Top Model contestants, including Ebony Dont get it twisted! Taylor, Lisa DAmato and Giselle Samson.
Get make-up tips and advice from the pros on how to maximize your model potential.

As many of you know, the writers of Americas Next Top Model went on strike on July 21, 2006 after our request for union recognition with the Writers Guild of America was refused. We have received a tremendous amount of support from both fiction and reality writers, including the writers of The Simpsons, Family Guy and King of the Hill. Most importantly, we have received tons of encouragement and Myspace friend requests from YOUthe loyal fans of Americas Next Top Model. Now, wed like to show our appreciation.

Come on out and meet former Top Model contestants and the shows writers, who will give you free tips on how to work your individual style. Also, meet our special celebrity guest a hissing cockroach from the cycle 6 Jared Gold runway show.

See you on the catwalk!

*As the writers of UPNs highest rated show, and the headlining show for the new CW network to launch September 20, 2006, the writers of Americas Next Top Model simply want to receive healthcare benefits, fair salaries, pensions, residuals and writers credits, the same benefits enjoyed by all of the other writers on our network. For more information, go to: www.myspace.com/topmodelunion


It's a cultural thing 

This is Brigitte Gabriel. I'd never heard of her until recently, either. You might notice that she's conservative. But with good cause.

This is a speech she delivered a couple years ago at Duke University about her first-hand experience as a Lebanese citizen dealing with Arab/Israeli conflict, tension, and hate. As I said, it is two years before this current conflict, but I don't believe that diminishes it's worth at all. I strongly believe that the message within her speech is firmly a reality that is being supressed at all costs by international media. Why is that, I wonder?


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An important message 

... from He-Man and She-Ra. I suggest you check it out. I'm waiting for someone to make a PSA featuring Orco about his battles with methodone. That would make me happy.


Off to a good start 

Yesterday, I left for work at 8:15 a.m. I returned home last night from work at 11:45 p.m. In between? Yeah, I was at work. Sweet. Hey, at least I got this fortune cookie from when we ordered in last night that says, "You will be selected for a promotion because of your accomplishments." I put a lot of stock in fortune cookies*. Okay, I'm done complaining for the week.

Completely unrelated, I think I've lost all desire to continue playing Fantasy Football. Not because I'm no good at it (I won yet another league last season), but my interest just isn't there. Even with the NFL preseason here, I don't feel anything. Moving on and all that, I suppose. By the way, something that all of America is 100% wrong about: caring about NFL preseason. Look, I know that summer is long and dry for most American sports fans, but there's no reason 48,000 people should be showing up to watch a C-team practice or that a preseason game should get just as good a television rating as game one of the NBA Finals (ouch for the NBA). No reason at all.

Okay, I'm really done, now.**

* No I don't.
** Probably not.


Monday, August 07, 2006

She's real purrrdy 

Charlize Theron turned 31 today. She is but five years older than I. "They" say she's already "married." I think I've still got a shot.


Friday, August 04, 2006

That does look familiar 

Things appear to be changing back to normal in the land of Team USA basketball. I'm well aware and have railed against all the reasons why we blundered so hard in 2002 and 2004, but it still seems outrageous that a little nothing like Puerto Rico was able to beat us in the Olympics. I'll be surprised if the US doesn't come away from the highly unanticipated World Championships in Japan this month without a gold medal.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

The week in review 

What's been happening? I dunno. Maybe this stuff.

Last Thursday - Saw a screener of The Descent which underwhelmed and then some. It's not bad. I really wish the action scenes weren't so jump-cutty and incomprehensible. That editing style is, how you say, annoying. The lighting obviously is dark, so the inability for the movie to define time and space is a major strike against it. Didn't help that four of the six girls were pure filler from the start (yes, even the "badass") and you know their fate before we even hit the caves. A lot of jump scares, if you like that sort of thing, but still creepy once the horror starts happening (a good hour in). The build is fine, but, to me, it just serves as reason to not like Juno. The monsters are well-conceived, perhaps even more so than at least half of our heroes. Again, it's okay. I'm not a horror fanatic, but it certainly wasn't all hype I've been hearing.

Friday - It was a good day at work because no one wanted to work. We all came down with a severe case of the Fridays and by 4pm, the alcohol was out. Beer, wine, good times. I got tanked and partook of the herb that night. It was the fun times. Still dig the Velvet Margarita on Cahuenga, by the way.

Saturday - Hermosa Beach? Yeah, c'mon, let's go! I like Hermosa, even though it's an hour away from the city life. I guess that's the whole point of a beach community, though. Refreshing to see ocean water that wasn't completely dirty. Then, big American party in the night. Again with the good times (I like that theme).

Sunday - Want to go to a Social Distortion concert at the Glass House in Pomona? Okay! Did that! It rocked! Duh! Fun note: my first ever concert was Social Distortion. The set list has changed since then, obviously, but they still put on just as good a show. Mike Ness (gotta love a man who has almost died countless times on the operating table) is still nails at working the crowd, a born entertainer. I was really stoked when they played "Sick Boys," one of my faves that I hadn't heard live before. Good show. And a good venue, too! I like the Glass House, despite it being hot as balls in there. I think everyone sweated off about twenty pounds.

Monday - What? I dunno. A's beat the Angels. Yay!

Tuesday - The hell do you mean it's August? It's May! Angels beat the A's. Boo!

Wednesday - A's took two of three against Anaheim to move 1 1/2 ahead for first in the AL West. Yay! Screw the Angels. Otherwise, another busy day in the office, this time capped off with some late night Chinese take away and flopping on the couch just long enough to watch a movie. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was sitting on the coffee table, so my decision of what to watch was made for me. It's fun. Meandering to a point, it takes about half an hour to get where it wants to be going, but Robert Downey Jr. carries the film so well. That man has a gift for making eccentricity seem perfectly natural and unforced. Know who really surprised me, though? Michelle Moynahan. She's excellent! About a million times more worth watching than in M:I:III (gotta get it get it). Really, she's a revelation in this film. Pretty enjoyable pulpy fluff when it's all said and done. Very watchable.

Today - Well, it's just started, hasn't it?


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Ivory Way 

There is a bum on the corner of La Cienega and San Vincente that looks just like Keenan Ivory Wayans. Just like him! You know what? I'm going to go ahead and make the leap in logic here. Keenan Ivory is on hard times.

Today is Wednesday. Hump day.
Pump day
Chump day
Slump day
Bump day
Lump day
Stump day
Thump day
Mump day
Wump day (Wump day?)

I've come up with a new motto that you can all use in your daily living routine: "Enough with the fluff, let's get to the muff."


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