Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just thought I'd let you all know 

You know the post below this where I drool about Charlize Theron and what not? Yeah, well today I sat in the same chair she was occupying on Tuesday.

It felt like home.



Aaaaanyway, the draw for the Champions League was set today. Liverpool are top seed in Group C, placed with PSV, Bordeaux, and Galatasaray.

Overall, I think our draw turned out fairly well. Not as soft a group as, say, group H (AC Milan has a cakewalk), but also nice to avoid Chelski (whom we couldn't have been grouped with do to UEFA regulations about having two teams from the same country in one group), Bayern, and Lyon from the "2nd pot." Can't imagine any of the seeded teams failing to advance, except for possibly Arsenal. Their group isn't overwhelming, but it is a challenge and the Gooners have some work to do if they are to survive. Can't help but laugh about Chelski having to face Barcelona yet again.

With regards to Liverpool's group, it should be a scrappy one. I see us advancing with PSV and Galatasaray in a dog fight for second (PSV through on GD). PSV Eindhoven have been ruling Dutch football the last four seasons and have shown their Champions League metal in the past couple seasons, nearly reaching the final in '05. But they could be on the decline. Bordeaux are actually a higher seed than Galatasaray, but the French club are a relatively unknown quantity in terms of European competition. That mystique could help their darkhorse prospects considerably, but more likely that their inexperience on this stage will show. That leaves the Turks who are incredibly difficult at home. Although I'm sure every Liverpool fan remembers fondly the last time Reds made the trip to Istanbul. That only resulted in their fifth European Cup. No big deal.


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