Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Zero Gravity Avenger 

Don't ask questions, you ridiculous person, just watch, enjoy, and pass this along. See if you can catch my name in the credits.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Have I mentioned how much I hate Thabo Mbeki? 

Because, seriously, the guy just continues to be a fucktard. Mbeki and the rest of the ANC need a rocket or 12 up their ass, promptly. Passing a resolution for the RUGBY WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOOORLD to drop their universally-recognized and beloved "Sprinbok" monicker? WORLD CHAMPION SPRINGBOK monicker? Get fucked. Hey, what about all that crime and AIDS and unstable economy? What about all the policemen who can't even read? Or immigration problem swarming in from Zimbabwe?


Fortunately, he's not long for the office.

PS - You better fucking believe I woke up ass early on Saturday morning to drive to an ex-pat bar in the Valley (ew) called "The Springbok" so that I could drink Castle Lager and chow on boorevours while going crazy with a bunch of Afrikaaners who were wearing the same rugby jersey as me while watching the Bokke beat England in the final. Awesome stuff.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I would vote for him 

And I'd do it without hesitation, too. That's how much I admire Stephen Colbert. He is legend.

By the way, is anyone else noticing the chummy relationship forming between the Ruskies and Iran? Cold War II... coming up! So, in these trying times, why shouldn't Colbert's announcement have been made in earnest?

Hey, Berto! Hope you're not dead.


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