Monday, August 28, 2006

Last week of work 

Yup, the gig ends Friday. My enthusiasm for the show is at zero, as we at the office have all contracted a scorching case of senioritis. Mmm... scorching... I am easily distracted.

Kofi demands Hezbollah free Israeli troops. I'd like to take this time to welcome Secretary-General Annan to the party.

No, I did not watch the Emmy's last night. There was actually good TV to be seen. Nice to see, however, wins for The Office and Jeremy Piven.

The US Open began today with a lovely rain delay. He doesn't stand a chance, but if Andre Agassi were to make a Pete Sampras-esque exit to his pro career, it would be quite welcome. Federer still looks untouchable, of course. Should be interesting to see if Andy Roddick shows any improvement in his first major tournament since bringing Jimmy Connors on as his coach.

Everyone in the media, particularly ESPN.com, is so quick to dismiss the radical changes that Jerry Colangelo has made to the US basketball national program. They're fixated on the horror of '02 and the bronze of '04. It's going to take a convincing gold-medal performance to get the critics to pull their heads out of their ass.

Is Chris Bosh happy as the 11th man? Hey, how about the fact that Bosh is in rotation to play in Beijing in 2008?

Uh, well, why didn't LeBron score 20 points against Italy? Well, how about because Carmelo scored 35? And they won!

This team deserves a lot of praise thus far, but it is probably because we are Team USA basketball that the expectation level is so high. Think of it like Brazil and soccer, only Brazilians actually care about their national soccer team and about 98% of the US has no idea that the World Championships are taking place.

On the EPL front, there are two teams early on that have some serious issues: Arsenal, Tottenham. As far as the Arse go, they completely outplayed a lousy Manchester City side, yet still contrived to lose 1-0. How does that happen? The news only gets worse with Ashley Cole's departure for Chelski imminent and, now, word from Antonio Reyes, himself, that he does not want to play another game in England. The little boy striker is desperate to go back to Spain.

For Spurs, oy, an 0-2 loss to 10-man Everton can't be good for business. They need to figure out how to spread the field of play to accomodate the talents of Aaron Lennon, post-haste.

Obviously, great to see Liverpool pick up a victory over West Ham this weekend. What a goal by Agger! Unrelated to that match, know who I am impressed by in the early going, despite their only having one point in three matches? Watford. They are an exciting club to watch. Very free-flowing style.

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