Friday, August 11, 2006

Oakland A's time 

This is usually the time of the season that the A's go on a big tear. Things have been shaping up that way again this season and the table is set for that to continue. My boys are winners of 11 out of their last 14, but that 14-0 shelacking they suffered on Wednesday to Texas still smarts. What better way to remedy that than the following: six-game homestand against Tampa Bay and Seattle, followed by a four-game series at Kansas City. If the A's don't win all ten of those, I'll consider it a failure. Maybe 9-1 is acceptable, but nothing less. Currently up 3.5 games in the division over the stupid Angels. These next ten games are when we break it wide open. It has to be. 2nd place in the AL West doesn't have a prayer at getting the wild card.

Go Beane-ball.

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