Monday, August 28, 2006

You call that an ending? 

If you're interested in watching the finale of Deadwood and haven't yet, then maybe you should skip over the following.

Okay, I was pretty severely disappointed by the supposed finale for Deadwood, which really captured in a microcosm this season in general. Why not rename this show, "Cocktease: The Show?" What could change my feeling on this? Well, if the two epilogue movies (roughly equalling four episodes) are greenlit, perhaps I could gain a little more satisfaction. In the show's defense (from what I understand), they didn't realize that season 3 would be their last until shortly before it premiered. So I guess it's possible that the final episode was already locked before that announcement. There is such a thing as pick-ups and reshoots, though. There are but two standout episodes from season 3 and they need only be referred to as "Eyeball" and "Ellsworth." They're great because, well, stuff actually happens regarding characters you're actually interested in. Say what you will about the quality of each individual episode (I think they were very well done), but I'm sorry, I could give less of a shit about Langriche et al, the welfare of the schoolchildren, the livery, the romance between Jane (sick of her) and Joni... remember when Cy was a relevant character? This show has a bread and butter recipe for success and it revolves almost entirely around Swearingon, Bullock, and Hearst. I call bullshit on the anti-climax regarding their tumultuous triangle. 'Will Hearst take the bait that it isn't really Trixie in the casket? Will he fall for the gambit?' How about, 'Are you kidding me? This is the penulitmate event of the series?!' Give me a break. Where was this war that we were seemingly promised for the last, I don't know, eight episodes. Historically speaking (I'll have to do a little research), this may have been as the events actually played out. But if that is the case, then why am I watching it? You always end with a bang, not with a whimper. I enjoyed Deadwood while it was on, but this definitely taints my opinion of it.

Know who had a better finale than Deadwood last night? Yeah, Entourage (granted, it is season and not series finale, but regardless). Who'd a thunk it?

I've been sampling a lot of reality television of late and came across a show last night that is equal parts intensity, sadness, and exploitation (in a very morally ambiguous way). Yet it is totally compelling. It's called Intervention and it airs on A&E. Documentary style, each hour-long episode follows an addict who believes the camera crew is simply their to do a documentary on addiction, unaware that they'll face an intervention. The episode I saw, "Kristen," follows this 24-year-old crack-whore (literally, she prostitutes herself for crack) alcoholic. Kristen's addiction is so bad, she risks losing custody (partial already) of her five-year-old daughter. This show is gripping, depressing, and very, uh, real. Don't watch it if you ever want to feel good about anything, no matter how uplifting the "where are they now" epilogue is (and they usually do get help). Sitting in that intervention room, watching this person breakdown in front of their family is just plain rough. And yet, while you're watching it all unfold, you can't help but feel a little dirty that you're spying on what is perhaps this family's most private moment. Damned if you'll look away, though. And while the show is incredibly invasive, it's motives are still pure. Highly recommend it, but don't plan on smiling or anything like that until maybe the last two minutes of the show.

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