Thursday, August 03, 2006

The week in review 

What's been happening? I dunno. Maybe this stuff.

Last Thursday - Saw a screener of The Descent which underwhelmed and then some. It's not bad. I really wish the action scenes weren't so jump-cutty and incomprehensible. That editing style is, how you say, annoying. The lighting obviously is dark, so the inability for the movie to define time and space is a major strike against it. Didn't help that four of the six girls were pure filler from the start (yes, even the "badass") and you know their fate before we even hit the caves. A lot of jump scares, if you like that sort of thing, but still creepy once the horror starts happening (a good hour in). The build is fine, but, to me, it just serves as reason to not like Juno. The monsters are well-conceived, perhaps even more so than at least half of our heroes. Again, it's okay. I'm not a horror fanatic, but it certainly wasn't all hype I've been hearing.

Friday - It was a good day at work because no one wanted to work. We all came down with a severe case of the Fridays and by 4pm, the alcohol was out. Beer, wine, good times. I got tanked and partook of the herb that night. It was the fun times. Still dig the Velvet Margarita on Cahuenga, by the way.

Saturday - Hermosa Beach? Yeah, c'mon, let's go! I like Hermosa, even though it's an hour away from the city life. I guess that's the whole point of a beach community, though. Refreshing to see ocean water that wasn't completely dirty. Then, big American party in the night. Again with the good times (I like that theme).

Sunday - Want to go to a Social Distortion concert at the Glass House in Pomona? Okay! Did that! It rocked! Duh! Fun note: my first ever concert was Social Distortion. The set list has changed since then, obviously, but they still put on just as good a show. Mike Ness (gotta love a man who has almost died countless times on the operating table) is still nails at working the crowd, a born entertainer. I was really stoked when they played "Sick Boys," one of my faves that I hadn't heard live before. Good show. And a good venue, too! I like the Glass House, despite it being hot as balls in there. I think everyone sweated off about twenty pounds.

Monday - What? I dunno. A's beat the Angels. Yay!

Tuesday - The hell do you mean it's August? It's May! Angels beat the A's. Boo!

Wednesday - A's took two of three against Anaheim to move 1 1/2 ahead for first in the AL West. Yay! Screw the Angels. Otherwise, another busy day in the office, this time capped off with some late night Chinese take away and flopping on the couch just long enough to watch a movie. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was sitting on the coffee table, so my decision of what to watch was made for me. It's fun. Meandering to a point, it takes about half an hour to get where it wants to be going, but Robert Downey Jr. carries the film so well. That man has a gift for making eccentricity seem perfectly natural and unforced. Know who really surprised me, though? Michelle Moynahan. She's excellent! About a million times more worth watching than in M:I:III (gotta get it get it). Really, she's a revelation in this film. Pretty enjoyable pulpy fluff when it's all said and done. Very watchable.

Today - Well, it's just started, hasn't it?

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