Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Israel/Lebanon. Labor strikes. Things are getting a little heavy on this site. This is me raiding ESPN.com today. A few takes...

Here's a strong article on why no one likes Alex Rodriguez. You mean aside from the fact that no baseball player -- hell, no baseball TEAM -- is worth $250million? Or that he isn't a big-game player? Or that he's a priss?

Gotta admire Floyd Landis for sticking to his guns. Or do you? Man, give it up already. You cheated. Your title was stripped. Let's press on.

Good news if you're a Boston Bruins fan: your team president resigned. This, on top of the changes at GM and head coach, cement that there will be changes at the top of one of the most futile teams in the NHL. If not for the New York Rangers (barring NY's playoff appearance last year) no team in the NHL has been a bigger mover and shaker and bombed as horribly as the Bruins have over the last dozen or so seasons. You got the sense that Boston fans last season were almost revelling in how hapless the team was and what it had devolved into. Think Joe Thornton winning the MVP in San Jose hurt at all? Things are going to start picking up for Bruins fans.

I still feel like Key Arena is pretty new. Hasn't it only been ten years since it opened? I've lost all concept of NBA time -- there's this black spot in the late 90s, I don't know. Anyway, looks like they need to renovate the apparently out of date home of the Sonics if the team is to stay in Seattle.

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