Monday, June 28, 2004

Accident free for 0 weeks 

A few days ago I made a stop at Fatburger to, you know, grab a burger. Step up to the register to place my order and I see next to it a sign that reads (paraphrasing), "This Fatburger has been employee accident free for ___ weeks." Employee accidents, eh? You mean burger flipping? That's high risk? Fair enough. Problem was, though, that in the blank on the sign there was nothing written. Nothing? Yes, the space was empty. Some employee must have had an accident this week. I chuckle to myself at the possibilities, nevermind the fact that this establishment actually needs a sign alerting their customers that the kitchen is accident free, as if to relieve them of overwhelming concern. "Damn, I don't know if I am going to be able to finish my food. But wait! The employees haven't slipped on the wet tile in three weeks! Glory be, I'm so hungry," they must say to themselves. So I ask the cashier while pointing to the sign, "Hey, the space is empty. How many weeks?" The cashier, foppish to say the least, goes limp-wrist and says, "Oh, its been a lot of weeks." A lot of weeks, eh? Consider my confidence inspired. I was relieved to find no severed fingers in my french fries.

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