Saturday, June 26, 2004

Michael Moore: fat! Will Ferrell: funny! News on the march... 

Today is movie day. This afternoon, I'm going to Fahrenheit 9/11; a film being hailed by some as a masterpiece and dismissed by others as a personal attack on President Dub-ya. I'm excited to see for myself. I can't recall a film this politically motivated that has sparked so much debate and discourse throughout the American public. Then again, the subject matter is September 11th, so I suppose this sort of frenzy is to be expected.

Later tonight, after I've dabbled in brutal harsh reality that is this modern world, the gods smile upon me and give me comedy. I'm one of the lucky bastards that's going to the advance screening of Anchorman, the new Will Ferrell vehicle. The preview, although possibly a little too revealing, looks hysterical. Can't wait.

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