Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Beauty and the Beast 

If Fox News were clever, they'd use the above title to describe John Kerry and his new running mate, John Edwards. Kerry's face is slowly melting, so who better to juxtapose the Democratic ticket with than the handsome Edwards? I like Edwards though. His appointment as Kerry's VP gives me a little hope that this campaign will have some much needed vigor. We'll see if Edwards will be enough to swing some Southern states that blindly follow the GOP. I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone that Al Gore actually lost his homestate of Tennessee back in the 2000 election. It may have been a pipedream to ever think Republican John McCain would be named Dem VP candidate, but Edwards is probably just as good as anything the dems have to offer. Sadly, they hate Howard Dean. Quite baffling, really. But then again, I suppose it isn't that baffling considering Dean was championed progressive policies that would erase problems at the root level rather than skim the crap off the top.

Related to Kerry's vice pres. announcement, the New York Post maintains its strong reputation as a rag of the lowest quality when it "reported" that Dick Gephardt was Kerry's choice. Bravo, guys.

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