Tuesday, July 20, 2004

FDR was a cripple, but Lenin had syphilis! 

Lenin had a case of "clown dance." Huh. How 'bout that? Wee bit of a cover-up there. Is it personal? Yes. Does the public have a right to know? Absolutely. He was the leader of a world power. He ruled over millions of lives. The article alludes to the fact that the syphilis definitely affected him in terms of leadership and decision-making. But then, this was the Soviet Union. God forbid any information found its way to the people. Take a minute and imagine that President Bush has a severe case of syphilis. After you're done laughing, a sense of unsettling fear will set in as you realize that the "most powerful man in the world" can not govern his mind, let alone a country. Okay, perhaps Bush was a bad example. But wouldn't it be funny if he had syphilis? Huh? Wouldn't it? The answer: yes.

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