Friday, July 02, 2004

A Grand Don't Come For Free 

Another in a series of quick thoughts today...

I really dig the new release from The Streets. Favorite tracks so far are #4 "Blinded By The Light", #10 "Dry Your Eyes" and #2 "Could Well Be In." Sophomore efforts are always tough to pull off, especially when your debut album is a smashing success and hailed by many as the best record of the year. Although I'm still bonding with "A Grand Don't Come For Free," I will say that the content, while personally severe, comes off as having a lighter tone in general than "Original Pirate Material." It's odd because he definitely comes off as more self-depricating in the new album, but I think OPM had more of a doom and gloom feel to it. I'd say, for now, OPM is better, but "A Grand..." is definitely some of the best stuff I've heard this year. I remember first hearing The Streets a couple years back and not knowing what to think of it. Didn't take long at all for me to realize how genius it is. Fresh, inventive, seems almost like the next evolution in music -- the next new sound. Haven't heard any imitators, though, which is probably a good thing. Mike Skinner has such a particular style to his craft that would almost definitely be mangled in someone else's hands. Any way, pick up the album. It's strong.

Kinda bummed that I missed their show in LA last month. Bah...

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