Monday, July 12, 2004

Honestly, is this at all surprising? 

I'm told that Pamplona, Spain is a very beautiful place. Hemingway dotes on it in The Sun Also Rises. Reading this article now, I'm reminded of how that novel bored me to tears. The city also has the most bars per square foot of any city in the world (perhaps I should visit sometime). But we all know Pamplona as being famous for the "Running of the Bulls." It's an event that in concept comes off as completely moronic, and in practice is simply Darwinism at it's finest. But what about the passion? What of the drama? Listen, if you consider jumping in front of a herd of storming bulls to be "passionate," then you're an idiot. And if you don't think anyone at the running deserves to have a horn shoved up their ass, then you're just plain wrong about most everything in life. You get trampled here and you probably had it coming. It's called a Death Wish.

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