Thursday, July 15, 2004

Kobe's choice 

We'll know in an hour whether or not the man primarily responsible for all the dissent within the Laker organization will be remaining with the team or jumping ship and joining their intra-city rival the Clippers. He'll be in Los Angeles, that much is certain. Speaking as a Laker fan, that bastard better stick with the purple and gold, otherwise the Lakers are royally pooched. However, the Clippers -- as futile a franchise as any in sports -- have cleared a lot of room on their roster and payroll to make way for a possible Kobe arrival. The Clippers let Quentin Richardson sign an offer sheet with Phoenix yesterday. Richardson plays Bryant's position and if the Clips snag Kobe, they'll let Quentin loose. The Clippers also cleared some cap space by sending Eddie House and big man Melvin Ely to Charlotte. So the door is open for Bryant. Honestly, the Clippers may be the better option, but Bryant would be forever hated if he bailed on the Lakers after they bent over backwards to meet his demands (read: no Phil Jackson, no Shaq). I shudder to think how far the Lakers will fall if they lose Kobe in addition to Shaq. It'd be a nightmare. Then I'd know how Bulls fans felt after Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Phil Jackson all left in '98. Chicago has been a barren and miserable wasteland ever since.

Laker sidenote: Gary Payton will apparently stick with the team for this coming season. Incentive for Bryant to stay? I don't know.

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