Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Mindless. Fanatical. 

Those are a couple words that spring to mind when I read this. What's to be gained here? What kind of message is being sent? Well, it seems fairly clear: we want nothing to do with the world.

The Olympics are a symbol of international unity; a beacon of light that strips us of our political quarrels if only for two weeks. So is this retribution for the deposing and killing of Uday Hussein? I believe it was he, of Sadaam's two sons, who headed up the Iraqi Olympic Committee previously. He, you know, tortured, brutalized, and murdered athletes who returned to Iraq having "not done their country proud." Is that what this is? Because that's disgusting.

Maybe I'm projecting too much. Perhaps I simply don't fully grasp the political and social turmoil that has gripped that shithole of a country over the past year. I must not understand what all the fighting is about. Here's the thing, though. If Iraq withdrew from the Athens games, nobody would care. And apparently, that would be just fine by those rebel assassins.

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