Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mustn't... get... sick... 

So I've got the sore throat from hell right now and am doing my best to remedy it (vitamin C, echincea, etc), but I fear it may be developing into a full blown head-cold. I don't need this, right now. I'm fighting it as best I can. I came into work this morning barely able to scratch out an audible noise, going hoarse just thinking about speaking. Little light-headed though. Mentally, I am not at work right now. I am in the following serene place:

It's late morning. I'm snug in my bed, tucked warmly under a comforter. It's overcast outside and there's a light rain; soothing and calm. The raindrops on my window sill have a hypnotic pit-pat to them. Having just finished a warm, hearty bowl of chicken soup, I rest my head on a mountain of pillows and slowly drift in and out of consciousness as my Simpsons DVDs play in the background. This mid-morning carries on for hours.

That's where I am, right now. It's so pleasant. You should join me. Again, not sick yet and determined not to be. Oh well, off to a meeting that will certainly keep me late at work. Fucking yay!

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