Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Shaq in Black 

So the Big Fella promised Miami a championship. Talk is cheap, but if anyone one player in the league can deliver, it's this guy. However -- and a big however -- Miami still needs to fill out their roster (that includes both starting forward positions). I wouldn't go around running my mouth until I know who I'm sharing the court with (rumor has it that Karl Malone might be a potential acquisition). But that doesn't matter to Shaq. It's his first day in town and Miami is already giving him the royal treatment. How could he not induldge them a little? Seriously, though, he better hope the Heat sign another couple big men, because he WILL be prone to injury (he's consistently missed 15-20 games the last few years) and he won't be able to carry the front court on his own. The combo of Shaq and point guard Dwayne Wade is a really nice one and at least one finals appearance is in their future, but I don't know if this team's winning a championship.

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