Friday, July 02, 2004

The time has finally come 

It's Friday, thank God, and a half day at work thanks to the long 4th of July weekend ahead (3 1/2 day weekend, woo!). Today is also the beginning of a new era at the house: the new roommie moves in. So very stoked. Can't wait to have a new dynamic in play. Not to say that I'm tired of my current roommies -- love those bastards, love 'em -- but, you know, it'll nice to inject some fresh blood into the mix.

Totally unrelated sidenote, though loosely tied in to how freaking stoked I am, only 15 days until I get to see The Wrens in concert. Sweetness.

Yet another unrelated sidenote that is ever so slightly related to reality: I'm freaking awesome.

That last one was made special just for you.

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