Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Today was a Monday. 

The calendar says Wednesday, but really its Monday. While the week is only three days old, I feel like I've been sleepwalking through it, save for about a couple hours yesterday just before I got off work. Couldn't stop smiling, then. But this episode we've outlined at work this week is a little light on arc. So I get to spice that up while picking up the slack for my sick co-worker who left early this morning with a nasty stomach flu. Poor thing, I feel for her. Truly. At any rate, today and probably tomorrow -- maybe Friday, too, if I'm lucky -- I'll be carrying the load of two jobs. All I need is an extra pair of arms and I'll be set. Can't count on the intern for that, though. He's in tomorrow and will no doubt fuck everything up. YAY! And though its only an hour later than I'm scheduled to leave, I just feel like airing out a bit. I feel like a shit huffing and puffing about work. Who cares, right? "You work in TV. People should be so lucky." Those people are right. 100% I like to think I keep that perspective at the forefront of my day-to-day routine. It keeps me going. I realize that I could be living in a hut in Sudan or scavenging off of welfare in the slums, but everyone gets to gripe once in a while -- even when other people think its egocentric. I guess that's another reason blogger is in business, yeah? Today was a Monday. Me a little sleepy now. Time to get groceries.

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