Thursday, August 12, 2004

Added incentive 

Cash bonuses for medal winners? Sure. Seems like a side-step around the "amateur" notion of the event, but why not? Plenty of professional athletes get paid for accomplishing less. Olympians, the vast majority at least, come from very modest backgrounds and after these games are over many will return to routine day jobs. Just like you or I.

This from the Associated Press:

Famous face
The Greek post office is joining a growing lineup of cities and countries offering to compensate athletes who win medals.

The Chicago and New York marathons are offering $500,000 to any American man or woman who wins the marathon at the Athens Olympics, while Russia's Olympic committee promised to reward gold medalists with $110,000.

Not to be outdone, Greece's postal service is not only promising riches but a stamp dedicated to winners.

Every Greek athlete who wins a medal in the Athens Games will win up to $122,000, while their image will be printed on a new stamp.

The post office will pay $122,000 to gold medalists, $61,000 to silver medalists and $30,500 to bronze winners.

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