Friday, August 27, 2004

Bronze if they're lucky 

Just as quickly as The Bad Dream Team's fortunes turned for the better versus Spain, they sank like a stone against Argentina. Brick city. They couldn't buy a bucket and -- just a tip -- you won't win any games in which you allow your opponent to shoot 54%. The most recent team to down the US, Argentina was also the first to do so when facing a full NBA-laden squad back at the World Championships in 2002.

Manu Ginobili scored 29 points to lead his nation to another victory over the country that used to dominate the sport, an 89-81 win in the Olympic semifinals Friday night.

A lot has changed, hasn't it?

So now, the US is stuck between a rock and a hard place with either Lithuania or Italy to be their opponent in the bronze medal game. Both teams have beaten the US.

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