Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Courtesy of your friends at Craigslist 

This website, I swear, is endless entertainment filled with only the seediest and oddest entities that LA has to offer. We found our housemate there! Anyway, here is an Olympic-spirited listing that I'm sure everyone can enjoy:

Are you a swimmer for an olympic team? - 26
What are the odds that someone from an Olympic swimming team would be taking a moment right now to read LA's Craigslist?

I'm tired of the standard bling-bling that LA guys have to offer. I want a hairless chest with a few gold medals draped across it. Hell, he could have a silver or bronze medal and it would still beat a Rolex.

My Olympic swimmer would be famous and probably get to go to the Oscars in some Vera Wang designed Speedo.
Damn, that's so hot.

AND, if you really want to boil it down, with all the endorsements coming his way, an Olympic swimmer could be driving some posh SUV with a few TVs in the back for watching his swimming races (and porn.)

So...if you are a swimmer for an Olympic team, could be the US, could be Australia (you don't have to speak English, we can communicate through government sponsored translators,) I want to ride your body like an Olympic equestrian. Let's shave together and really get into water sports!

I will also accept other gold medalling sports such as trampoline (you can jump right on me,) archery (hit me with your best shot,) synchronized diving (make my threesome fantasy a reality,) and handball (smack my ass, oooh you're such a bad minton...)

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