Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dad is 59 

59?! Today? Fuck me. I sent him a birthday card that he should be receiving today. The card is actually for a "grandpa" -- whatever that is -- and has this stupid little teddy bear writing I love you and Happy Birthday to the bestest grandfather. Inside the card I wrote that I got some girl pregnant and now, dad, you actually are a grandfather.

We'll see how he responds to the "joke." I'm sure he'll like it. I can pretty much get away with anything (save for perhaps impregating a girl out of wedlock. He might frown on that).

But I'm so glad that he's still around. Just found out last night that a friend of mine lost her dad due to heart troubles. All the world's strength to her. And even though he doesn't read this, Happy Birthday Wolfie.

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