Monday, August 02, 2004

Garden State 

It occurs to me, now, that I never mentioned here what I thought of this film. In short, I enjoyed it. Didn't flip for it, but its good.

After a trailer like that, its hard to maintain expectations. As much as I liked GS, I can very easily see why anyone would think it's dumb.

It feels to me like a story I've written over a million times in my head, yet the plot itself is very thin and at times rushed (particularly the final half hour). However, I thought the characters were all pretty well-defined in the brief time we knew them and, for that alone, I found a lot of sincerity in the movie. It rings true to me. Maybe that's indicative of my sentimentality (which has inexplicably grown of late), but Large's (Braff's) actions -- motivated or not -- all seemed to make sense to me. He's disaffected and essentially sleepwalking; a theme most disillusioned twenty-somethings can identify with.

The music is awesome. Couple of well-placed songs got me drifting off in my own little world.

Garden State is a bit rough around the edges, but I'd recommend it to most anyone. Particularly anyone in their 20s who will find it so easy to relate to coming home after a long absence. Coming back to realize that in spite of their accomplishments in schooling and their career, they've been lead by the hand throughout their lives. It's honest.

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