Saturday, August 07, 2004

Gotta talk Lakers. Payton's gone. 

I'm sure most will say that Kobe Bryant had everything to do with Gary Payton being traded to Boston yesterday, but I don't think LA comes out with that bad a deal despite the lack of name power they're getting in return.

While Gary Payton is the best player in this 5 man deal, I think the Lakers will probably benefit a good deal from his departure. Payton diminished in skill so much between January and June that you'd hardly recognize him as a former all-star. Rick Fox, incidentally, is worthless now. An also-ran last year who was plagued by injury. He's of no value to LA.
What Boston sends in return is mostly junk, yes, but I'm high on Marcus Banks. Banks is a very attacking point guard, likes to push the floor, and won't have a problem feeling the need to score "his" points like Payton will. He's got the potential to blossom into a better version of Derek Fisher. Point guard for the Lakers is a question mark as far as who will be starting. I like Banks, but rookie Sasha Vujacic and journeyman Chucky Atkins (also acquired in this trade) will challenge for that spot.
Chris Mihm? What a giant bust that guy's been. Still, I'd rather have him on the roster than Fox if only for the fact that he isn't older than dirt and can fill in at center which is something LA sorely needs even after signing Vlade Divac.
This trade is pretty much a wash as I can't imagine Boston improving that much from this trade.

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