Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I got to second base with Jill Sobule 

Okay, so I'm not even all that familiar with her music, but this teany, quirky, funny blonde girl definitely put on one of the most entertaining, fun performances I've ever seen live. She's just so much damn fun. It's ridiculous. The show was helped by the fact that the venue was Largo, which is a great little bar/restaurant/club. Very chill.
But The Sobule! Oh man, so good. She'll be back in town (Los Angeles) Sept. 14 for her record release "party." I'm there.

The highlight, or lowlight as it were, was this middle-aged, overweight, obnoxious balding guy who sat about a foot away from where Jill was performing. He was draped in an Hawaiian shirt and shorts that were probably just a bit too short. We'll call the guy, Fatty McFat. Anyway, F McF is a die-hard fan of The Sobule as you could tell by the way he sang along to nearly every song, save for the new ones on her upcoming release. Jill also has a rep for taking several requests from the audience. She did so about four times. Each time, Fatty would yell, "Cinnamon Park." First two times, no biggie. Third time, maybe she'll get to it later. Fourth time, ok shut up. We get it. You want to hear Cinnamon fucking Park.

Finally, in the first of her two encores, The Sobule gets around to "Cinnamon Park" and invites anyone who knows the lyrics to come up on stage and sing with her. Naturally, Fatty goes warp 7 to the stage. As my friend Asa pointed out, the shit-eating grin on his shiny face informed us that this point in time was the happiest moment in McFat's life. Ever. In the history of the universe. So he's singing along with a couple other clowns on stage and then Jill gives him the mic to solo. Nails across a chalkboard, my friends. Not only was he off-key (horribly) but he also flubbed the lyrics. A catastrophe for McFat if ever there was one. Still it deterred neither him nor I from enjoying the hell out of this show.

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