Saturday, August 21, 2004

Iraq are in the semis! 

That's right. No doubt spurred by the love of Bush's re-election campaign, the boys from Baghdad knocked off the Aussies in the quarterfinals in soccer. Iraq, (Iraq!) is in contention for A MEDAL. Wow. Just... wow. They'll play the winner of Korea and Paraguay in the semi. Olympic soccer has had its fair share of upsets in recent history. The previous two gold medal champions -- Nigeria in '96 and Cameroon in '00 -- were decided surprise underdogs. But while each of those nations traditionally fields better soccer squads than Iraq, they are proof that anything can happen once you step onto the field. Your history and tradition don't matter once the whistle blows. Yet another reason why I love sports. I still think Argentina are overwhelming favorites for gold, but you never know.

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