Saturday, August 07, 2004

Rick James, bitch! 

Also yesterday (look, I'm not some sort of compu-dork that sits in front of the monitor all day. you'll have to forgive if I'm not right on top of the current events), the Super Freak himself died of "natural causes." Natural causes? Yeah? Consider that the guy was only 56. The only thing natural about his death was that all the crank he shot into his system finally caught up to him.

I'm sure Dave Chappelle is taking note right now. This unfornate event is ripe with comic possibility. How easy would it be for Chappelle to capitalize on his James impersonation and set a sketch at the man's funeral? Could be hilarious.

Speaking of Chappelle, $50 million! That's incredible. No basic cable stars get that kind of money. Especially from Comedy Central who is notorious for being stingy with their wallets. It's amazing that they realize Chappelle is the best thing to happen to them in a loooonng time and that they're willing to fork the cash to keep him. Chappelle's a genius. His show -- get this -- is the highest selling tv show on dvd this past year. Wow.

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