Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Seems like all I can talk about these days is Athens 

US Bball eeked out a victory against Greece. They played like crap and it shows as they barely beat a team that's only in because it's the host nation's team.

This group of C-level "stars" will not medal. Repeat. US men's hoops will not medal. It'll be the first time ever in a non-boycotted games. Yes, that is due to the fact that our best aren't there, but more importantly, their impending failure can be attributed to the fact that this isn't a team. It certainly isn't assembled to have everything a champion needs. Namely: more big bodies, ANY outside shooters, good ball-handling, defensive hustle. Take Tim Duncan off this team and they'd lose every game by 25. Of course, if you throw Kidd, Garnett, McGrady and Shaq on this team they'd be winning every game by at least 15.

And what an incredible race in the pool last night! The 200 mens relay: awesome. All the credit in the world to Klete Keller for being able to hold off Ian Thorpe down the stretch. Add another pair of gold medals to Michael Phelps' collection. He's now 5 for 5 as far as medalling goes. I do believe he'll get all 8, tying the record for most medals earned by an individual in a single Olympics.

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