Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Soccer in Los Angeles 

This is very bizarre to me. Seems that MLS, which has been struggling a bit lately, believes that one city can support two clubs. So of the 12 teams competing in Major League Soccer next season, two will roost in LA. But the kicker is that the "expansion" team is an established club... from Mexico. Chivas are one of Mexico's most storied franchises, but I'm very confused as to how a team can just up and switch countries, let alone leagues, in which they play. That's like if the Lakers decided to go play their ball in the Italian league. Very strange. Obviously, there are a very large contingent of LA-based Mexican fans and the many of them have taken to the Los Angeles Galaxy (strong MLS team) pretty well, but I guess expansion within this city is what Don Garber believes the market is dictating. This isn't like basketball, though, in as much as LA has two NBA clubs in the Lakers and Clippers. The NBA is established, cemented. MLS has been around less than ten years and, while I love soccer, the league hasn't turned this densely populated sports nation on it's ear.

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