Thursday, September 23, 2004

Add this to the English lexicon 

I've created a short-hand term for "sexual harrassment." I present to thee: Sexy Hass.

Reginald: Hey, Alfonso? Why the dour face?

Alfonso: Dude, I'm being sued for sexy hass.

Reginald: Sexy hass?

Alfonso: Yeah man... Sexy hass.

Reginald: What you gonna do?

Alfonso: Well, my lawyer's trying to see if she'll settle out of court and then I'd
have to take a class.

Reginald: A class?

Alfonso: Yeah man... a class.

Reginald: On Sexy Hass?

Alfonso: Yeah man... Sexy Hass 101.

Oh man. Sorry. That was lame. Just remember, though. Getting in trouble at the work place? "Sexy Hass" has a much lighter tone to it than "Sexual Harrassment." It's like the informal usage.

"Hey, buddy! Sexy Hass!"

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