Tuesday, September 28, 2004

AIDS Walk Los Angeles, Sunday Oct. 17th 

I had a proper email that I sent out over the AIDS Walk site but I seem to have lost it. I would've just pasted it on here, but alas, I'll explain to you what was in it.

Pretty much, I'm doing this walk for the second year and would really super-duper appreciate it if you (yes you!) would sponsor me. I don't like to ask people for anything, but this is a cause that's infinitely bigger than anything in the world today. Seems like everyone either knows someone directly or has a friend who knows someone who has been affected by AIDS. AIDS is bad, people. We don't like it and we're fixing to eliminate it. Why? 'Cause AIDS is bad, people!

While I'm clowning around, I know that this is a very important matter and something I take seriously. I've had the AIDS Walk link on the sidebar for well over a month, now. Last year, I was able to raise over $300 -- which I was damn proud of. If you're so inclined, you can use this as a tax write-off. Again, while I hate to ask, it is imperative that I do so.

Many thanks to all of you. I appreciate your time and consideration more than you can know. Cheers.

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