Monday, September 20, 2004

Couple notes on the Emmy awards 

1. Awesome that Sopranos and Arrested Development won for best drama and comedy respectively. Both were deserving. Also Michael Imperioli finally winning!

2. Elaine Stritch has some balls. But I guess it doesn't matter when you're an obscure character actor.

3. Gary Shandling is still a cold fish. He was an adequate host, but there is no warmth in that man -- at least none evident when he's performing.

4. Incredible news! There is someone on this planet named "Bertrand Van Munster." It's true. He's real. And he's the executive producer of The Amazing Race. Bertrand Van Munster. Seriously.

5. I really need to see Angels in America.

6. A lesson learned for The West Wing: you need Aaron Sorkin. The show usually hauls in a boat load of Emmys. Last night, only Allison Janney claimed one. Which is fine, I really like her.

7. Daily Show: swish.

8. I didn't really plan on watching the awards. I actually only found out/was reminded yesterday morning that they'd even be on. Usually TV awards are so stock and always it makes little difference who wins. You see the same people year after year doing the same schtik. Call me a sucker for still imagining myself some day in the future going up there and grabbing a prize myself.

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