Friday, September 03, 2004

A great year 

The Sports Guy offers up 1984 as the year above all other years of the last quarter century. It's a fluff piece on the highlights '84 brought us from pop-culture to movies to music to sports, but who doesn't love nostalgia?

Some favorites on the '84 list:

81. Ric Ocasek bags Paulina Poriskova, giving hope to every mediocre-to-ugly guy on the planet that they might get to bag a supermodel some day.

37. "Hello" (Lionel Ritchie) -- This was the one where Lionel falls for the blind girl who made the bust that looked nothing like him. Remember that one? She told him, "This is what I see when I see you," then she showed him a sculpture of Barry Sanders, who wasn't even famous yet. This video is RIOTOUSLY funny now. It slays me. Absolutely kills me. I wish they had made a deleted scene where Lionel says, "Hey, just so you know, that looks nothing like me -- I have swollen lips and horrible gheri-curls!", just for the blind girl's reaction.
10. Joining the NHL as a rookie that season? The great Mario Lemieux. Or as my buddy Sheck calls him, "Sixty-six."

11. Two HUGE wrestling moments. In January, Hulk Hogan pinned the Iron Shiek to win the WWF title at MSG, leading to Hulkamania taking off, the Cyndi-Lauper-Lou Albano connection, the MTV card and the WWF going mainstream. Only the biggest turn of events in wrestling history. And in March, Roddy Piper slammed coconuts into Jimmy Snuka's forehead on a "You remember exactly where you were when you watched it, JFK-assassination-level" episode of "Piper's Pit."

60. "This is Spinal Tap" -- A pantheon comedy.

61. "The Natural" -- A pantheon sports movie.

73. The Heathers (Locklear and Thomas). Like the Russell and Chamberlain of their time.

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