Wednesday, September 22, 2004

He's dead, foreign, and here to entertain the troops 

Okay, bare with me. I just ran into Zombie South African Bob Hope for the second time in as many weeks. I'm grabbing lunch from this tiny Mediterranean place across the street from work, waiting in line, just sort of caught up in a general malaise and, just like last week (I neglected to post about it, then), I'm snapped back into the moment by the sound of a very distinct South African accent. "Cantelope, please. Yes, that one." It's the guy ordering in front of me. In my head I smile, knowing of the connection he and I share. But wait! This is not just any man. This is comedy legend, Bob Hope! Dead ringer for him ("dead" yes, yes, I know). Hold on, though. When did Bob become South African? Furthermore, when did he stop being dead? Oh my god. He's back. He's back and he wants cantelope and no U.S.O. show is going to stop him.

Zombie South African Bob Hope

He's real.

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