Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Those Israelis just don't care, do they? 

So while Israel intends retaliation against Syria and Hamas for the bus bombings in Be'er Sheva yesterday, you'll notice they're a little mindful this time around about harming civlians. Let them burn... except for the innocent.

The IDF began to respond to yesterday's double bus bombing in Be'er Sheva with a closure around Hevron, several arrests of terror suspects, and the destruction of the terrorists' homes - but then suddenly brought the last part of the operation to a sudden halt. After destroying the home of the first of yesterday's two murderous terrorists, the army turned its attention to the home of the second one - and decided not to tear it down. This, because it was too close to a neighbor's home, and the army engineers feared that demolishing the one would endanger the other.

Safety for civilians? What a novel idea. Homicide bombers are grand.

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