Monday, September 13, 2004

Viva la Revolucion! 

Hey, David E. Kelley! Suck it! Pretty scathing write-up from defamer.com. Love it. Just in case you don't have access:

David E. Kelley Reality Show Walkout?

A Defamer operative tips us to labor problems on David E. Kelley's upcoming lawyer-driven reality show, The David E. Kelley Project. Kelley, in addition to being Mr. Michelle Pfeiffer, is the prolific television genius that inflicted Ally McBeal on the world, singlehandedly inventing the frighteningly-bony, frequently-hallucinating lawyer genre.

Prolific dramatic television pretty boy wonder David E. Kelley was so incensed by ABC's decision to pit his late lawyer show The Practice up against the popular Joe Millionaire last year, he penned a notorious episode where CBS Television President Les Moonves plays himself being taken hostage by a deranged woman planning to sell the kidnapping as a reality show. Kelley coyly had Fox, CBS and NBC all scrapping for the twisted reality segment in this episode -- not his home network, ABC.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Emmy Award winning Kelley returned to NBC this year to create the working titled "The David E. Kelley Project" -- an eight episode reality drama, featuring real lawyers facing off in the courtroom. He even went begging for barristers on the NBC home page. But, in a case of reality biting back at Kelley's perceived affront to union writers everywhere, the disgruntled camera crew walked off his show last week, temporarily shutting down production.

Let's hope the labor strife doesn't linger. On the other hand, a reality show about a television producer who endlessly develops lawyer shows from a hospital bed after "failed negotiations" with the union sounds like it could be pretty hot itself.

This speaks directly to what I'm talking about. If Mr. Pfeiffer can get hit, anyone can. Awesome.

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