Monday, September 20, 2004

Week 2 NFL notes 

More notes! This time: football.

- Chicago beating the Packers? What gives? Shocker cost me one of my suicide picks. It's only the third time in roughly seven years that the Bears have won this matchup.

- 7 turnovers for Washington yesterday and the Giants still only won by six!

- Ugliest 0-2 start: Houston. They've lost to Detroit and San Diego. Yikes.

- Most unimpressive 2-0 start: Detroit. Beat Houston and Chicago. Although Chicago just won yesterday, but that may be an aberration.

- Surprised to be winless after 2 weeks: hello Kansas City, hello Tampa Bay (although less so for the Bucs). The Chiefs better learn how to tackle and learn it fast because at this pace it doesn't matter if Priest Holmes is on your team, you won't make the playoffs. KC could be this year's entry as "team with high expectations to go as far as the Superbowl, but flops horribly." Oakland played that part last year in what I refer to as "the unwatchable season."

- Speaking of the Raiders, they were able to scrape past Buffalo 13-10. They probably should have won by more, as their offense racked up a ton of yardage. However, they were unable to punctuate the majority of that with some points. Good showing by the defense, though. Nice to not be off to an 0-2 start.

- Close but no cigar 2 weeks straight for Buffalo as well as San Francisco. Tough loss for the Niners to swallow yesterday, losing the lead with one minute to play.

- How about Jacksonville? They've scored a wimpy 17 points in 2 games, yet they're unbeaten. That defense is solid. A lot of pundits say the Jags could surprise this year. Happily enough, Denver found out first hand. F Denver.

- This Michael Vick guy? He's good. Another 100 yard rushing effort out of the quarterback! Most exciting player in football.

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