Monday, September 13, 2004

The week past, present, and future 

Time to tour the harbor aboard the U.S.S. Unsinkable Milliondollars with your captain, Cash Milliondollars.

Sept. 11
That was totally on Saturday, wasn't it? I guess it was always in the back of my mind, but didn't really click until I turned on the TV that morning and a documentary on the rise and fall of the Twin Towers was on the History Channel. I watched about a half-hour's worth. Really engaging material, but not quite how I wanted to get the weekend started. Instead, on this day of American woe, the housemates and I along with a host of friends celebrated many things Americana. Such as BBQs (mmm... turkey burgers) and baseball. About 20 of us took in a Dodgers game, only the second I've attended in three seasons living in LA. Exciting stuff, too, sitting out in right field. LA beat National League-leading St. Louis 6-5 much to the chagrin of one of our friends who is a Cardinals fanatic. Wait a second. Americana, BBQ, baseball. Hey! I'm just like President Bush at the "softball game" during the RNC! Yay me! Such a fucking patriot, over here. Speaking of which...

Took a break from it this weekend. Playing catch up now. The world is still a lousy place.

Seeing Jill Sobule again on Tuesday for her record release party at Largo, the same swank little place I saw her a few weeks back. Should be grand. Totally going to get to second base with her.

Listening lately to Muse (Absolution), Death Cab (Photo Album), Garden State soundtrack, 103.1, and when I'm not up for music, NPR. This is all in the car, mind you. I find myself almost never listening to music at home. Strange. Also, sports radio has pretty much been filtered out of the car because of how unlistenable most of it is. Someone say sports?

So I mentioned catching that exciting Dodgers/Cardinals game and how awesome it was, but here are some other notes. Giants slugger Barry Bonds just hit home run #699 bringing him one step closer to baseball immortality and becoming only the third player ever to hit 700 homers.

Canada vs. Finland in World Cup of Hockey Final this Tuesday. This has actually been a magnificent tournament and unfortunately I've been unable to watch any of it because of work. By the way, I beg of you all to please pray for the NHL. Labor talks look very grim.

The NFL is in full swing as of yesterday and already there are quarterback controversies with Miami and the NY Giants (not a surprise for either, but damn it's only been one game). The Raiders of course got off to a typical Raider start opening the season by losing on a last second field goal. Just lovely. Naturally, with every opening week of an NFL season, my office pool picks are a shambles. Only a mediocre 9-6 with tonight's Monday nighter between Green Bay and Carolina still to come.

I'd be remissed if I didn't mention Roger Federer winning the US Open, giving him three of the four Grand Slam titles this year. Damn, that is dominating. A little perspective for you. The last time a men's tennis player won three Grand Slams was Mats Wilander in 1988. The last time any man won Wimbledon and the US Open back-to-back was Pete Sampras in 1995. Put simply, Federer looks unstoppable right now.

Thanks to Liz for lending me the first three volumes of Preacher. I was going to put a dent in it last night, but fell asleep almost as soon as I got my tired bones up to my room.

It continues and so does... shh... the movement. Had another meeting this past Thursday which was actually more informative than the first. Some of the WGA's higher-ups were present, filling us in on what we're actually entitled to while quelling most concerns we had. The secretary/treasurer was actually in this position about six years ago. Not in reality, mind you, but in animation. Writers for animated series' were not covered by the Guild until those few short years back. So it's encouraging to know that the people leading us into the fire have danced in it many times before. The vote of solidarity by one established WGA member who, as he put it, "doesn't have to work another day in his life," was also comforting.

Last Tuesday, we premiered to some great ratings. People around here are pretty pleased about that. While I had seen the episode several times over before it aired -- having put it together, whatnot -- I still tuned in on Tuesday to watch with one of my housemates who obviously hadn't seen it yet. She liked it enough, but I have to admit that about ten minutes into the show I realized that I could give a crap about any of the people on it. I'm sure I could give a crap anyway, but I think much of my opinion is due to the fact that I've been immersed in this season's pop-culture garbage for months now to the point where I don't know which way is up. Que sera.

Also, new interns start their fall semester here this Tuesday. Will we end up with another douche bag in our department? Hopefully not.

Happy New Year
The big Rosh is on Thursday and I'm not going to work. It'll be nice to break the week up, yet again. And of course Friday the 24th I'll be absent from the office again for Yom Kippur. 'Course I'll be spending it with my family in Phoenix, so that could be a whole different nightmare. We'll see. Plus there's fasting, but I've never had a problem with that.

And now...
In a round about way, that brings us to today. Monday. Hurm. Well, it's off to a nice enough start. Kept up my regular appearances at the gym, was a touch overcast this morning. Hopefully LA won't suffer another week of oppressive heat. Also, I may need to buy more ice cream sandwiches after work.

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