Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What are you? Some kind of retard? 

Coming to you from suburban Maine, town says boy not normal enough to play on playground. This is kind of outrageous, maybe even a little sad. No, definitely sad. I rememember in elementary school there wasn't a day that went by without disciplinary recourse either on the playground or in the classroom (and no, not always me either, but thanks for thinking that). The Rankowski family is just when comparing the ban placed on their son to a slap on the wrist given to any "normal" child that acts out. People are afraid of things that are different and its a closed mindedness that much of the nation is willing to accept. Pfft... what's next? Banning gay marriage? Aaaahahhhhaahahaha... *lights a cigar* hahaaaha... *drinks champaigne* hahaha... hah... ha...


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