Tuesday, January 25, 2005

That wacky Academy 

Like so many other jerks, I can't help but mention this year's Oscar nominations and how some make me happy while others make me less than happy. All, however, are ultimately meaningless (until one of them is for me. yeah!).

Stoked about the following noms:
Don Cheadle
Alan Alda
Clive Owen
Jamie Foxx for Collateral
Sophie Okonedo
Virginia Madsen
(pretty much all the supporting actress nods)
Supersize Me
Eternal Sunshine screenplay
Yesterday -- the South African documentary! Woo! Which, apparently, I need to see.

Miffed by these inclusions:
Clint Eastwood for best actor? What?
Taylor Hackford -- granted, I still need to see Ray, but that's a stunner


No bigger snub than Paul Giamatti. Period. He got shafted in a major way. Blame Eastwood.
Liam Neeson for Kinsey
Closer screenplay

Confounded by:
All the praise Finding Neverland is receiving. I don't get it. That movie is so average. I'll grant you the noms for Johnny Depp along with the musical score and cinematography, but best picture and screenplay? Bah! Outrageous. Ridiculous, even.

Predictions to come some time later.

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