Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bubble talk 

ESPN calls this week "Judgement Week." Last week was "Rivalry Week" and soon we'll be in (gasp!) "Championship Week!" If you're totally lost, I am of course referring to this current stellar college basketball season. It's make or break, do or die for a lot of programs as we head down the stretch. Last night alone provided a myriad of games with significant post-season implications.

- Not a bubble team at all, but Oklahoma St. got upset at Nebraska. Stunning. Could affect their bid for a 1 seed.

- LSU is playing their win into the tournament and no one seems to be paying attention. Brandon Bass is the real deal in the SEC and last night's freaking awesome buzzer beater over Alabama, in my mind, puts LSU in the field of 65 right now.

- North Carolina St. has been making a push of late, but were unable to overcome giant NC.

- Still in the ACC, there's no team in the country that is more perplexing than Maryland. None. How can you sweep Duke and then get swept by Clemson?! NC State has beaten them twice, too. I don't get the Terps. If they get into the tourney, it should be as a 10 seed or below.

- Miami (still ACC) beat Florida St. Hurricanes are fortifying their surprising resume. Teams with low expectations entering the season that overachieve usually find a place in March.

- Texas Tech beat Texas. Two programs going in opposite directions.

- Hottest team in the Big 12 took a hit last night. Iowa St. fell to Texas A&M who, believe it or not, still has a chance of making the tournament. The Aggies need a strong finish and at least one victory in the conference tournament to get there.

Hey, this past Monday, Kansas lost a third consecutive game -- the first time that's happened in eleven years!

Coming up this week, Pac 10 showdown: Arizona visits Washington. The conference title hangs in the balance. Oh, and for the record, UofA's Salim Stoudamire (not Duke's J.J. Redick) is the best shooter in the country. Period. My boy went crazy last Sunday from 3 point land against Oregon St. Redick would have to hit eighty-some-odd consecutive 3s to match Stoudamire's proficiency. Guess what? Ain't gonna happen.

I love prognosticating the field for March. Here's ESPN's latest Bubble Watch.

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