Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Can it be that the Silver & Black is back? 

Could be the biggest acquisition the NFL has seen in the last five years: Randy Moss to the Raiders? His agent says it's done. Really, it seems like a natural fit. The Raiders like to air it out on offense and there's no better receiver in the game -- baggage and all -- than Moss. Plus he's a bad seed, the Raiders used to have a bad boy image. Fits, no? Oakland still need to address a long list of concerns before they get better. Giving up Napolean Harris depletes the linebacking core immediately as he was their best and they still don't have a running back -- something that #7 overall pick in the draft could've gone a long way to helping. But they resigned Porter who would combine with Moss (if the trade happens) for a spectacular receiving duo and put the franchise tag on Charles Woodson. So at least a couple key players will be around next season.

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