Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's a long shot 

Maybe I wasn't so crazy to think of Phil*. This would be such a coup if the Lakers are able to pull it off. No one would be more pissed about it than Shaquille O'Neal. Still, no matter how golden Phil Jackson is as a coach (and he is golden), the Lakers won their titles on the back of Shaquille.

After beating Portland last night, the Lakers are clinging to the 7 seed in the West (top 8 get in) and have fewer games played than Memphis, Houston, and Minnesota (who is shockingly on the outside looking in, right now) -- the three teams closest to them in the standings.

But hey, what would this franchise be without distractions and drama? Just another team. Kobe? Rudy? Phil? Questions? That's the Lakers.

* Check the Feb. 2nd section

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