Monday, February 28, 2005


I guess the Academy really doesn't like Martin Scorsese. As trivial a matter as it is, Eastwood receiving best director last night proves there is no justice in Hollywood. That's not even a slight on Clint, per se, but rather an observation that by all rights Scorsese should have three Oscars on his mantle. Utterly stupid. Compounding the oversight is the fact that The Aviator also won for editing and cinematography, two categories that traditionally (if both are claimed by the same film) fall in line with best director. Ri-god-damn-diculous.

Other thoughts on last night --

- All winners with the exception of director were very predictable (you'll notice below that I got all but that one)

- Chris Rock is a very funny man (still)

- Sean Penn is a pretentious asshole (still)

- The "minor" categories (i.e. makeup, costumes, sound, etc) should feel very insulted for either having to stand in line on stage and wait for them name to be called or not even have the chance to go to the podium at all. I know people tune in to see the stars, but is anyone really going to turn the broadcast off because it took an extra minute for the best short animated film winner to walk up to the stage and say thank you? No. These people put in as much effort into filmmaking as any other part of a production. The least the Academy can do is afford them the right to feel recognized.

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