Wednesday, February 09, 2005

This will put a smile on your face 

The show I work on is the subject of a lot of fanaticism on message boards. Zealous viewers go above and beyond the call of duty to voice their opinions on the cast. One of the female castmembers on the season that is currently airing -- a promiscuous drama queen with a case history in pretty much every "Yeah, this could really mess up a person's life" area is, well, taking a beating on the boards. Though I can't say it's totally undeserved seeing as how she's pretty damn unlikable.

"She looks like one of those people in high school who always let out silent but deadlies. She just has the air of someone who smells like an old cooter fart.

And DUH those guys didn't want to bang you. They're British, all British men are gay. Plus, you smell like farts and you're a selfish whore."

Apologies to any British readers, merely casualties in the attack on this girl.

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