Friday, March 18, 2005

Bucknell! I freaking love Bucknell! 

Hey, got a question for you: where's Kansas? Where's Kansas, huh? Where is Kansas? The mighty Jayhawks? Where are they? I'll tell you. They're right here!

Bucknell Bison: my new favorite team (aside from Arizona, of course). This is why I love this tournament. This is David beating Goliath and everybody cheering (aside from those in Lawrence, KS). Oh my... this is the best. I'm getting victory drunk tonight. Bucknell! Gotta love it.

Oh... tomorrow's games are going to be awesome. Probably not as awesome as 14 Bucknell nipping 3 Kansas. But still. Plus now I can watch this tournament as a fan rather than a gambler given that one of my Final Four picks, Syracuse, ate it hard in the first round courtesy of Vermont -- another big upset. So screw you, Vermont! But really, Vermont? I salute you. I love the little guy.

Thanks to Bucknell (Bucknell!) and Vermont, this first round is completely vindicated and at the last second shirks the label of "predictable."

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