Wednesday, March 30, 2005

For crying out loud 

Hey a-holes, get your shit together. I wonder how all the optimists will try to spin this one.

Been fairly reflective today for some odd reason. Can't stop thinking about some of the summers from elementary and middle school and how I'll probably never get to be that lazy or carefree again. Weird. Summer of '94 keeps sticking out which is ironic because I distinctly remember during that year reminiscing about living a stone's throw away from the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of the world.

Oh hey, so I caught last night's episode of Americanized The Office and, though quite a few of the jokes are recycled from it's British predecessor, it is still pretty hilarious. The scene in last night's "diversity" episode where everyone put cards over their head bearing either a race or nationality was hysterical. I do like Steve Carrel. He makes funny.

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